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Welcome, and thank you for taking interest in using FarmBot as a tool to inspire the next generation of farmers! The Open Educational Resources available on this site aim to help instructors in implementing FarmBot curriculum in K-12 schools, extracurricular clubs, continuing education programs, and more across a variety of STEM subjects.

Teaching with FarmBot in schools can be a rewarding and unique experience for teachers and students alike. At its heart, our curriculum lies at the intersection of the DIY maker movement, robotics, and small-scale polycrop food production. The lesson plans and activities are hands-on and multidisciplinary, meet many common core objectives, and effectively bridge the gap between theory and the real world. In addition to being fun and engaging, students are rewarded with the real vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, and more that they learn to grow with their FarmBot.


FarmBot open educational resources are organized into four domains, with each one covering a wide range of topics, as well as the inter-relations between each topic and domain.

:wrench: Hardware – Mechanics, design, and material properties; using tools; reading and following technical documentation and assembly instructions; and electronics and wiring.

:computer: Software – Software basics; modularization; databases and data; APIs; and using the web app to control and configure FarmBot with the sequence builder, regimen builder, and farm designer.

:seedling: Farming – Plants and their nutritional and medicinal properties; soils; the environment; and agricultural techniques, history, and impacts.

:earth_americas: Sustainability – Climate change; the water cycle; the carbon cycle; impacts of agriculture; carbon footprint of FarmBot; lifecycle analysis of FarmBot; powering FarmBot with solar; using collected rainwater with FarmBot; food miles travelled; carbon intensity of various foods.

To get started, browse through the topics listed in the left-hand menu.


The resources available on this site have been developed to help instructors meet specific Common Core (CC) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). When browsing through the resources, find the applicable standards in the lesson overview:

Lesson overview

Grades 3-7
Time 1 hour
Resources Video, Experiment
Standards NGSS 3-5-ETS1-1
NGSS 5-PS1-3

Grade ranges

The resources you’ll find on this site are appropriate for a variety of grade levels ranging from 3rd grade to 12th grade. While each lesson will suggest the grade range it is appropriate for, we encourage instructors to adapt lessons for their student’s specific skill levels.

Help us help you

We’re committed to continually improving the FarmBot Open Educational Resources. If you have ideas for how we can improve, or would like to contribute lesson plans, worksheets, slides, or any other resource, please get in touch at


The FarmBot Inc developed open educational resources are licensed under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. This is compliant with the definition of “open” put forth by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

In short, this means you are free to use the FarmBot Inc developed resources (text, images, tables, files, videos, etc) as you please, without attribution to FarmBot Inc or needing to request permission. This includes viewing, copying, modifying, and redistributing the content for any purpose, even commercial purposes. This content comes with no warranty, express or implied.

Not all resources on this site were developed by FarmBot Inc

Some resources on this site were not developed by FarmBot Inc and thus may not be licensed the same. For example: embedded YouTube videos that are not from the FarmBot Inc YouTube channel.

Please read and respect the individual licenses of any 3rd party content.

For more information about the licensing of FarmBot software, hardware, and other resources, see our company-wide licensing page.